More than 100 years of experience

Ciampi is a company with more than 100 years of experience, specializing in the production of PVC thread curtains and chenille curtains, which over time has expanded its services, becoming a reference point in the market for PVC frost-proof pipes for gardening and ties for agriculture.

The company was founded in 1918 and over the years has made its products known abroad, where they appreciate the made-in-Italy production of items that aim to meet various needs, such as chenille curtains, outdoor roller blinds, and anti-moth colored thread curtains. All curtains are also available in rolls for DIY curtain making to meet custom sizes and requirements.

Cutting-edge technologies, field experience and extensive know-how combined with constant innovation in terms of design and a wide range of blinds to choose from enable Ciampi to offer its customers quality products and customized solutions.

With experience in plastics processing and growing demand, Ciampi began producing gardening and agricultural accessories such as tie-downs, irrigation microtubes, tie-down tubing and liners. Its success is due to the quality of the raw materials used, which do not make use of reclaimed products, phthalates, nickel, lead and cadmium. An undisputed quality of materials that has enabled the company to be known and appreciated in all sectors and even outside Italy.

Ciampi guarantees qualified technical and commercial support and is ready to consider all kinds of requests, aiming to improve its products and meet the needs of its customers.



Ciampi was born

Ciampi is born, a landmark of local entrepreneurship, distributing blinds and shutters


Leader in Apulia

Ciampi begins curtain processing becoming leader in Apulia


The national market

Ciampi conquers the domestic market with its made-in-Italy products.



The company develops a state-of-the-art processing system, prioritizing the quality of its products


The company relocates its production activities and headquarters to a major new complex in Monopoli with a view to its expansion


The company renews itself by increasing its offerings, a sign of the continuous renewal taking place

Collaborations with multinational companies

The company is a leading exporter of PVC thread curtains and chenille curtains. Important collaborations with multinational companies were born during this period.

International benchmark

Ciampi maintains its primacy as an international benchmark with productions destined for hardware, housewares stores and the agricultural sector. It participates in specialized international trade fairs where it presents the innovations expressed by research laboratories and design studios.


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